Cherry Liqueur 3
This is a somewhat complex recipe in that the steps needed take time, but the results can be amazing. An almost perfect replica of Cherry Heering.
Recipe type: Liqueurs
Serves: 1 bottle
  • cherries
  • alcohol of choice
  • sugar
  1. Fill a jar with cherries.
  2. Add alcohol to cover all the cherries.
  3. Let sit for a week or so; by this time the cherries should have swelled and there should be less liquid in the jar.
  4. Pour off the liquid and reserve in a separate jar.
  5. a) Layer the cherries with sugar and let sit another week.
  6. b) Pour off resulting fluid into another separate jar.
  7. c) Repeat steps a) and b) until the cherries are so small that they're just basically the pit covered with a very thin skin.
  8. Strain and filter each reserved portion.
  9. Now mix all the batches that you poured off to suit your taste. The first is the bitter one, the last is the sweetest.
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