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Buck Jones
A refreshingly tropical flavor comes from rum, lime and ginger ale, soothed by the sherry for a mellow, relaxing drink
Rum Rickey
The crisp flavor of lime pairs wonderfully with rum to create the Rum Rickey, a superb highball beverage ideal for
Banana Daiquiri
There are few drinks as smooth and sultry as the Banana Daiquiri. My recipe is one luscious beverage and exudes
Muddled lime makes the Caipirinha a crisp drink while sugar offsets any bitterness. Simply a delicious cocktail to enjoy on
Cherry Rum Punch
An exceptional concoction, Cherry Rum Punch is refreshing, cooling and flavorful without an overwhelming level of alcohol. Simply perfect for
Bahama Mama
Bahama Mama is a wonderful, tropical cocktail of classic 'tiki' style. The blending of two rums are given tropic delight
Caribbean Punch
Tropical flavors abound in every sip of Caribbean Punch. The blending of rich fruit flavors makes this a splendid drink
Bubbly White Sangria with Mango
Mango and pineapple pair well with a great white wine to make this delicious sangria with no added sugar. A
Strawberry-Lemon Sangria
Strawberry-Lemon Sangria is one of those drinks everyone should try at least once. The glorious combination flavors entices the palate
Rory O'More
The Irish version of a classic Manhattan, the Rory O'More has bright, alluring flavor, a classic look, and delectable appeal.

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