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Chocolate Mint Smoothie
A smooth, chocolatey drink that's creamy Chocolate Mint Smoothie has a refreshing, minty taste. Cool and refreshing, yet warmly soothing,
Dominick's Passion
Dominick's Passion is a sultry, luscious drink with a rich, creamy texture and a superb hint of raspberry and chocolate.
US Mint
The color of the US Mint is not dissimilar to the color of money, and the flavor of each sip
Brown Cow
The wonderful flavor of a Brown Cow can only be enjoyed as prescribed in this glorious recipe. Simple and delicious,
Chocolate en Leche
The simplest recipes are often the best. Chocolate en Leche, or Hot Chocolate with Milk is one of Mexico's most
Apres Ski
When seeking an exceptionally comforting drink in cold weather or Aprés Ski, this recipe does the trick. Rich Mexican chocolate,
Long before nylons, Silk Stockings were the height of luxury for women and a fantasy of the men who loved
Ski Lift
The simple compilation of ingredients makes the Ski Lift a most enlivening and tasty drink for a cold day or
Banana Split Cappuccino
When you make Banana Split Cappuccino, you're creating a cup of absolutely delicious pleasure. The deep, rich flavor is simply
Old Fashioned Coca Cola Cocktail
An interesting twist on the classic Old Fashioned Chocolate Coke, our recipe adds a little ice cream to improve the

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