These are links to sites published by breweries and importers. The listing is alphabetical within geography and each entry lists the names of the beers they produce or handle.

Sampler Board of Beers and Ales




  • Steigl Brauerie (English or German)
    Goldbräu, Leicht, Columbus-Pils, Gold-Spezial, Braukunst, Paracelsus Naturtrüb, Vollmond



  • Big Rock Brewing Co.
    Traditional Ale, Grasshopper Wheat, Warthog Ale, McNally’s Ale, Buzzard Breath, Pale Ale, Magpie Rye, Cold Cock Winter Porter, Black Amber
  • Labatt Breweries
    John Labatt Classic, Ice, Dry, Blue, 50, many more…
  • Molson Breweries
    Molson Canadian, Golden, Ice, Dry, Light, Signature Series, Red Dog, etc…
  • Moosehead Beer
    Moosehead Lager, Pale Ale, Light
  • Unibroue (in French)
    Blanche de Chambly, Eau bénite, Fin du monde, Gaillarde, Trois Pistoles, Maudite, Quelque Chose, Raftman, 1837


  • Tsingtao Brewery
    Tsingtao Beer

Czech Republic

  • Budweiser Budvar
    Budweiser Budvar
  • Pivovar Velké Popovice
    Velkopopovicky Kozel


  • Carlsberg
    Carlsberg Light, Elephant, Elephant Red
  • Tuborg
    Tuborg Gold Label, Green Label, Classic, Christmas Brew




  • Peroni (in Italian)
    Peroni Birra


  • Sapporo Beer
    Sapporo Beer, Black Stout, Yebisu Super Premium


  • Corona
    Corona, Corona Light, Corona Extra




  • Brauerei K. Locher AG (in German)
    Appenzeller Lagerbier, Saentis Kristall, Dunkle Lagerbier, Vollmondbier, Leermondbier, Buegelspez, Quoellfrische, Weihnachtsbier

United Kingdom

  • Bass Ale Brewery
    Bass Ale
  • Bazens’ Brewery
    Sea God, Wass Ale, Pacific Bitter, Flatbac, Bazen’s Best Bitter – Flying Zebra, Knoll’s Porter, Black Pig Mild, Fresher’s Special, Santa’s Reinbeer.
  • Black Sheep Brewery
    Black Sheep Best Bitter, Special Bitter, and Ale
  • Tennent Caledonian Breweries
    Edinburgh Strong Ale, Merman, 70/-, 80/-, IPA, Golden Pale, Golden Promise, Blond
  • Highwood Brewery
    Old Timber, Best Bitter
  • Ridleys Brewery
    Rumpus, IPA Bitter, Champion Mild, ESX Best, Witchfinder, Spectacular, Winter Ale, Old Bob, Chelmer Gold, Essex Light, Essex Brown, Bishop’s Ale
  • Worth Brewery
    Alesman or Keighlian Bitter, Wild Boar, Worth Best Bitter, Knobwillter, Neary’s Stout, Worth Porter, Old Toss
  • Young & Co’s Brewery PLC
    Young’s Ram Rod, Ram Rod Smooth, Oatmeal Stout, Double Chocolate Stout, Special, Bitter, Special London Ale, Old Nick, Winter Warmer, Oregon Amber, Dirty Dick’s, Pilsner, Export, Light Ale, Extra Light, Brown Ale, Wheat Beer

United States


  • Anderson Valley Brewing Co.
  • Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, Belk’s ESB, Boont Amber, Deep Enders Dark, High Rollers Wheat, Poleeko Gold
  • Great Beer Company
    Hollywood Blonde
  • Hoppy Brewing Company
    Hoppy Face Amber Ale
  • Mendecino Brewing Co.
    Red Tail Ale, Blue Heron Pale Ale, Peregrine Pale Ale, Black Hawk Stout, Yuletide Porter, Springtide Ale, Eye of the Hawk Ale, Frolic Shipwreck Ale
  • Reccow Brewing Co.
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Porter, Stout, Bigfoot, Celebration, Bock, Summerfest
  • SLO Brewing Co.
    Brickhouse Pale®, Garden Alley Amber®, Cole Porter®, Holidaze Ale®
  • St. Stan’s Brewing Company
    St. Stan’s Amber, Dark, Bitter, Wheat, Red Sky Ale, Whistle Stop Ale, Virgin Amber, Virgin Dark
  • Stone Brewing Company
    Stone Pale Ale, Smoked Porter, Session Ale


  • HC Berger Brewing Company
    Red Raspberry Wheat, Whistlepin Wheat, Colorado Golden Ale, Indego Pale Ale, Red Banchee, Chocolate Stout
  • New Belgium Brewing Company
    Abbey, Fat Tire Amber Ale, Old Cherry Ale, Sunshine Wheat, Trippel
  • Tabernash Brewing Co.
    Tabernash Weiss, Tabernash Golden, Tabernash Amber, Tabernash Munich

District of Columbia

  • Capitol City Brewing Co.
    Amber Waves Ale, Golden Boy Kolsh, Saint Adrian’s Alt, Bull Run Bitter, Pale Rider Ale, Prohibition Porter


  • Oldenberg Brewing Co.
    Premium Verum, Blonde, Weiss, Winter Ale, Outrageous Bock, Centennial Stout, Oktoberfest, more…



  • Baltimore Brewing Co.
    DeGroen’s Maerzen, Dunkles, Pils, Weizen, Altfest, Rauchbock, Maibock, Helles, Weizenbock, Dopplebock
  • Frederick Brewing Company
    Blue Ridge Snowball’s Chance, Golden Ale, Amber Lager, Porter, Wheat Beer, ESB Red Ale, Sublimator, Hopfest, Steeple Stout


  • Boston Beer Co.
    Sam Adams brand beers. Boston Lager, Boston Ale, Honey Porter, Scotch Ale, Cream Stout, Golden Pilsner, Triple Bock, Boston Lightship, Double Bock, Cherry Wheat, Oktoberfest, Cranberry Lambic, Old Fezziwig, Winter Lager, Summer Ale




  • Anheuser-Busch
    Budweiser, Bud Lite, Bud Ice, Michelob, Michelob Lite, etc…
  • Anheuser-Busch Specialty Brewing Group
    Michelob Honey Lager, Hefeweizen, Golden Pilsner, Amber Bock, Pale Ale, Black & Tan, Porter, Faust, American Hop Ale, Red Wolf Lager, Ziegon Bock, Pacific Ridge Pale Ale
  • Pony Express Brewing Company
    Pony Express Honey Blonde Ale, Tornado Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Hailstorm Hefe-Weizen


New Jersey


New York

  • Brooklyn Brewery
    Brooklyn Lager, Brown Ale, East India Pale Ale, Black Chocolate Stout, Brooklyner Weisse, Dunkel Weisse, Pennant Pale Ale ’55, Monster Ale
  • Bourbon
    Genesee Beer, Cream Ale, 12 Horse Ale, Bock, Ice, Red, Michael Shea’s, JW Dundee, Koch’s – Genesee merged with Highfalls Brewing Company in 1999
  • Highfalls Brewing Co.
    Michael Shea’s brands, JW Dundee Honey Brown, Highfalls India Pale Ale
  • Middle Ages Brewing Co.
    Grail Ale, Beast Bitter, White Knight Light Ale, Wizard’s Winter Ale
  • Saranac (F.X. Matt)
    Adirondack Amber, Golden Pilsner, Black & Tan, Pale Ale, Mountain Berry, Chocolate Amber, Holiday Amber


  • Bridgeport Brewing Co.
    Firkin Porter, Firkin India Pale Ale, BridgePort ESB, Black Strap Stout, Blue Heron Amber Ale
  • Full Sail Brewing
    Amber Ale, Golden Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Wassail, Equinox ESB, IPA, Oktoberfest, Imperial Porter
  • Hair of the Dog Brewing Co.
    Adambier & Golden Rose
  • Nor’wester Brewing Company
    Hefe Weizen, Best Bitter, Raspberry Weizen, Dunkel Weizen, Blacksmith Porter
  • Rogue Ales
    Shakespeare Stout, Old Crustacean, Saint Rogue Red, Mocha Porter, Rogue-N-Berry, more…
  • Saxer Brewing Company
    Three Finger Jack Amber, Roasted Red Hefedunkel, Stout, Jackfrost Winter Dopplebock, Lemon Lager, Micro 99
  • Williamette Valley Brewing Co.
    Nor’wester Hefe-weizen, Best Bitter, Raspberry Weizen, Dunkel Weizen, Black Smith Porter




  • Schirf Brewing Co.
    Wasatch Ale, Slickrock Lager, Wheat Beer, Irish Stout, Raspberry Wheat Beer, Hefe-Weizen



  • Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
    Riverwest Stein, Klisch Pilsner, Eastside Dark, Cream City
  • Leinenkugel’s
    Original Premium, Red, Honey Weiss, Northwoods, Auburn Ale, Bock, Autumn Gold, Winter, Big Butt, Berry Weiss
  • Miller Brewing Co. and the MGD Taproom
    Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Miller Reserve, Red Dog, Icehouse, Milwaukee’s Best, Meister Brau, Sharp’s


  • Paulaner North America
    Paulaner, Hoegaarden, Belle-Vue, Leffe, Hacker-Pschorr
  • Vanberg & Dewulf Importers
  • Rodenbach, Duvel, Saison Dupont, Boon lambics, Blanche de Bruges, Affligem Tripel, and Rodenbach


Note: This is an old list, and we welcome any assistance in updating it and increasing its volume. Any beer afficianados out there who would like to be our Beer Editor, please Contact Us.

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