Absinthe No. 1
A more traditional recipe for Absinthe, this French version (the original is Swiss) uses a more complex blending of herbs and ethanol rather than alcohol. We suggest using Eau-de-Vie in place of the ethanol for safety reasons.
Recipe type: Liqueurs
Serves: 1 bottle
  • 2.5 kg of dried wormwood
  • 5 kg of anise
  • 5 kg of fennel
  • 95 liters of 85 percent ethanol
  • 45 liters of water
  • 1 kg of Roman wormwood
  • 1 kg of hyssop
  • 500 g of lemon balm
  1. An 1855 recipe from Pontarlier, France, gives the following instructions for making Absinthe: Macerate 2.5 kilograms of dried wormwood, 5 kilograms of anise and 5 kilograms of fennel in 95 liters of 85 percent ethanol by volume. Let the mixture steep for at least 12 hours in the pot of a double boiler.
  2. Add 45 liters of water and apply heat; collect 95 liters of distillate. To 40 liters of the distillate, add 1 kilogram of Roman wormwood, 1 kilogram of hyssop and 500 grams of lemon balm, all of which have been dried and finely divided. Extract at a moderate temperature, then siphon off the liquor, filter, and reunite it with the remaining 55 liters of distillate.
  3. Dilute with water to produce approximately 100 liters of Absinthe with a final alcohol concentration of 74 percent by volume.
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