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An ever-growing library of 250,500+ pages of in-depth information including recipes and culinary techniques, beverage recipes, glossaries, and resources.

Site Features

Food Recipes: More than 9,000 tried and tested recipes cover a wide range of food styles, with a strong focus on comfortable, easy to prepare foods most cooks can prepare at home. We continue developing new recipes every week and publish new content daily.

Search: Our site includes several search engines, including Google-based broad site search that helps find most of our content quickly and easily, as well as food recipes, drinks recipes and blog search.  We’ve recently included a section search engine for each individual component of the site, helping people find more things, more specifically.  Now, when searching for a drink in the beverages section, you won’t find glossary definitions or food recipes – only drinks or drink-related results.

Beverages: One of the unique features of in comparison to most of its competitors is the presence of a huge database of 3,600+ beverages, ranging from juices and smoothies to complex cocktails. We publish a database of liqueur-making recipes, providing home cooks with interesting ways to prepare gift bottles of homemade liqueurs.

Glossaries: With more than 19,700 definitions in dozens of categories, no other food/recipes site can compare to the knowledgebase we provide our readers. Content that provides balance, knowledge and resources is our goal.

Resources: From oven temperature conversions to herbs charts and weight conversion calculators, provides a comprehensive set of data and tools for cooks to use any recipe found.

Guides: Not sure how to handle that steak or fish just purchased? Our guides will give you sound, factual information for meats, poultry, seafood, and even help you pick out the right barware to mix a drink or glassware to serve it.

Blog: In depth articles and recipe collections, travel features and informative resources on a variety of subjects focused on food, beverage, travel and related shopping. Our insightful commentary quoted by dozens of other publications online and off.

Discussion: A new feature, now provides a diverse forum structure on everything from baking to wine.


The highly efficient and creative team at create unique and innovative art, in addition to testing and tasting the recipes published. We spend hundreds of hours weekly putting together superb photos with our recipes (more than 30% have photos) and developing useful food photography, such as our classic “Fork wrapped lovingly around a poached pear”. Additionally, on the recipe side, we try to create unique recipes that focus on preparation by the average home cook, not gourmet chefs, recognizing that the majority of our readers do not have sufficient training to prepare complex gastronomic formulae, but can and want to make a better meatloaf or pot-pie.

Putting it Together

Among food and beverage sites, it is important to note that most of them have very focused content that does not factor the broader interests of their readers, while Epicurus reacts swiftly and effectively to provide content that does provide what readers seek. An example of this was the request of one cigar-smoking gentleman who wrote seeking grilling recipes and mentioned that he cannot find information on food sites suitable to a male audience. Looking at our statistics, we discovered that about 25% of our audience are “die-hard” male cooks who prefer grilling recipes. A quick survey found a large percentage of these smoked cigars, so we published additional grilled food recipes as well as a cigar glossary.


One of the best things about for its advertisers is our adaptability to your requirements. Faced with a request from a Japanese rice company, we developed and published a considerable range of recipes to suit their products and an invitation to participate in their rice recipe contest. One of our readers came in 3rd out of more than 18,000 contest entries around the world. We are fully responsive to custom requirements and will happily endeavor to meet special needs, ranging from unique ad sizes to recipe development. Simply ask your ad representative for more information.

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