Online Advertising

The Internet has grown increasingly more mature and sophisticated, allowing advertisers to efficiently access a targeted prospective client base and generate product pull.’s award-winning original home-cook-focused content and traffic of over 2.7 million hits per month forms a powerful community of food and wine savvy consumers eager to educate themselves about the best foods, beverages and products.

Channel Sponsorship: Sponsorship opportunities are available for all channels on the Epicurus website. Placements can be selective with certain channels: Homepage, Food Recipes, Blog Features, Recipe Search, Beverages, Glossaries, Guides or Resources. Campaigns can also be customized by Epicurus’ marketing team to identify your product or service with appropriate channels.

Contextual Sponsorship: An integrated promotional program through banners, boxes, and newsletter insertion that aims to engage your target audience by providing relevant solutions where and when a user is looking for answers that relate to your product or service.

Unique Opportunities

Beyond Print

  • Harness the power of an active online cooking community
  • Affiliate your brand with one of the most trusted names in cooking
  • Generate new leads via channels of superior relevance
  • Create valuable product awareness where it counts
  • Increase sales by targeting your best potential customers

Custom Opportunities

  • Custom ad formats to suit your requirements
  • Advertorial by some of the best writers
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Recipe development
  • Custom ads
  • Downloadable Guides
  • Marketplace (front page only)
  • And more…
  • Want to see in action? Click Here

Product Integration

  • Topic Based:
    • Highly targeted ads are placed near relevant information.
    • Ideal for targeted products and direct response.
  • Category Based:
    • Ads will appear throughout a particular category.
    • Broader reach and targeted.
  • Run of Site:
    • Your ad will appear throughout
    • Largest reach and higher frequency.
    • Excellent opportunity to build your brand.

Please contact us for more information on our advertising packages or to create a tailored program to meet your needs.

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