About Us

EPICURUS.com is produced and maintained by the Publishing Division of THE EPICURUS GROUP, an international management consulting firm with more than 32 years operating experience in more than 25 countries.

The Epicurus Group specializes in several sectors of consulting, primarily hospitality (restaurants, hotels, caterers and foodservice suppliers) and banking. It operates several divisions, including the widely recognized Epicurus Institute, an economics research entity.

The Group’s publishing operations began in 1992 with the production of a newsletter distributed via restaurants to guests, featuring recipes and important information useful to diners in upscale eateries. As time progressed, that publication morphed into Epicurus.com, where the Group’s philosophy of simple, wholesome and comforting food predominates over haute cuisine.

In these troubling economic times, it must be a critical factor in any advertiser’s evaluations whether the publication and its parent company are stable, sound and secure. With our founding in 1978 and continual successful operations, our advertisers should be fully confident that Epicurus.com will remain a viable publication for many years to come.

Named for the ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus, the company has been a dominating force in food trends and styling since its inception. Such noteworthy dishes as The Lobster Club and Straw Onions were developed by our food professionals. With roots in London, Paris and New York, Epicurus has been at the forefront of gastronomic creativity for three decades and has worked with more than 200 of the best chefs in the world. After all, when you’re named for a man whose philosophy was “Life is good. Be sure to enjoy it!” you have to live up to a high standard: making sure people can enjoy life.

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