A member of the Scombridae family of tuna and mackerel, the Thunnus alalunga is commonly known as albacore tuna. Other names for this species include tombo, longfin tuna, long-finned tunny, albie, albic, Pacific albacore and white tuna, a reference to its light pink flesh. When cooked, albacore has a firm steaky texture, with large, moist flakes. The albacore flesh turns from a reddish pink to an off-white color after cooking. The flavor is a mild, rich taste. It is one of the fatter tunas, with more omega-3s than the rest of the tunas. The albacore can be distinguished from other tuna by its lack of stripes or spots on the lower flanks and belly, and by the thin white trailing edge on the margin of the tail fin. Extremely long, sickle-shaped, black pectoral fins also set albacore apart from other tuna.

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