A dish composed of a combination of lima beans and corn.  Other ingredients may be added, but the basic recipe must contain those two ingredients.  Succotash, long a favorite American vegetable blend has been making a comeback in the past few years with the addition of more ingredients.  Succotash is traditionally served for Thanksgiving for its connection to Native Americans, who provided the recipe to the first English settlers, the Pilgrims.

Succotash (from Narragansett msíckquatash, “boiled corn kernels”) is a food dish consisting primarily of corn and lima beans or other shell beans. Other ingredients may be added including tomatoes and green or sweet red peppers. Because of the relatively inexpensive and more readily available ingredients, the dish was popular during the Great Depression in the United States. It was sometimes cooked in a casserole form, often with a light pie crust on top as in a traditional pot pie. Succotash is a traditional dish of many Thanksgiving celebrations in New England as well as in Pennsylvania and other states. In some parts of the American South, any mixture of vegetables prepared with lima beans and topped with lard or butter is called succotash.

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