noun 1. A piece of meat-such as a Rib Roast, that’s large enough to serve more than one person. Such a meat cut is usually cooked by the roasting method.

2. Food, usually meat, that has been prepared by roasting. In addition to meats, beans, nuts, grains, vegetables and other foods may be roasted.

3. Food cooked over open fire, using a rotisserie or rack in which the open flame cooks the food is roasted and is referred to as a “roast”.

verb To oven-cook food in an uncovered pan, a method that usually produces a well-browned exterior and ideally a moist interior. Roasting requires reasonably tender pieces of meat or poultry. Tougher pieces of meat need moist cooking methods such as braising. Other foods are cooked by pan roasting, such as nuts, coffee or cocoa beans, and grains (often used in brewing).

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