Mendiants (French for “mendicant”) are disks or bars of chocolate studded with nuts and dried fruits. The colors of the nuts and fruits traditionally referenced the color of the monastic robes of the orders of the Augustinian (hazelnuts), Carmelite (almonds), Dominican (raisins) and Franciscan (dried fig) orders. almond for Carmelite. Today, a wider variety of fruits, peels and seeds are used. Unlike chocolate bars that enrobe the nuts and fruits, mendiants are generally made so that the beauty of the different nuts and fruits are studded in the top to offer visual appeal as well as flavor. Mendiants are often made in large slabs and then broken into smaller pieces, like bark. The word mendiant or mendicant means “beggar”: One would gladly beg for a piece. See the photo at the top of the page.

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