Mandarin oranges are a loose-skinned orange category that includes several varieties that can be sweet or tart, seedless or not and can range in size from as small as an egg to as large as a medium grapefruit. They all, however, have skins that slip easily off the fruit. Among the better known mandarin-orange family members are clementine, dancy, satsuma and tangerine.

Mandarin Oranges

The tiny clementine has a thin peel and a tangy-sweet red-orange flesh that’s usually seedless. Dancy oranges are similar in size and color (and equally rich-flavored) to clementines but have a plenitude of seeds. The small Japanese satsuma oranges are almost seedless. Most of the canned mandarin oranges on the market are satsumas. The most common mandarin found in the United States is the tangerine, which has a thick, rough skin and sweet flesh.

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