Hamburger - Ground BeefChopped fresh and/or frozen beef with or without the addition of beef fat and/or seasoning. Hamburger shall not contain more than 30% fat, and no added water, phosphates, binders, or extenders. When cheek meat is used in the preparation of chopped or ground beef, the amount of cheek meat shall be limited to 25%, and, if used in excess of its natural proportions (i.e., 2%) it shall be declared on the label. Beef of skeletal origin, or from the diaphragm or esophagus (weasand) may be used in the preparation of chopped beef, ground beef, or hamburger. Heart meat and tongue meat, as organ meats, are not acceptable ingredients in chopped beef, ground beef, or hamburger.


A hamburger (also called a hamburger sandwich, burger or hamburg) is a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground meat (beef, pork, turkey, chicken, etc.) usually placed inside a sliced hamburger bun. Hamburgers are often served with lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese and condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and relish.

The term “burger”, can also be applied to the meat patty on its own, especially in the UK where the term “patty” is rarely used. The term may be prefixed with the type of meat as in “turkey burger”.

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