A tea that has a special appearance once steeped, such as flowering teas, or Jasmine Pearls. The tea blossoms while steeping, and thus are served in glass.
Display Tea
Display teas are made to be enjoyed for the show presented while steeping. Young tea leaves are bunched and hand-tied or rolled to create distinct shapes. These shapes are eye-catching when first seen and truly wondrous to watch while steeping. In water the leaves unfurl to create a completely different shape. These teas are best enjoyed in a glass teapot or cup, so that the aromas are concentrated to the nose and the show is raised to eye level. They make a wonderful visual experience as they blossom when the tea unfurls during steeping.

Often these teas are made with specific varietals of tea that will not get bitter. This is important as most often the leaves are left in a glass while you drink the tea. Because they are tied together, the leaves will not flow into your mouth as you drink the tea. So the two considerations that are important in purchasing these teas is that they are made with good quality leaf and that they are well constructed to retain their intended shapes. When drinking this tea, allow sufficient steeping time. The teas are generally mild and take a few minutes to begin to impart their flavor.

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