This vegetable is the root of a special celery that is cultivated specifically for its root. It tastes like a cross between parsley and a strong celery. Used in soups, stews, and purees. Also known as “celery root” and “celery knob.”

The root of a celery, combines celery flavor with potato texture.

Season: September – May

How to select: Pick firm, small to medium-size roots with few rootlets or knobs. Soft spots are a signal of decal.

How to store: Keeps in the refrigerator for 7-10 days in a plastic bag

How to prepare: Trim the ends and peel the rough exterior. Eat raw, grated into salads. boil, braise, deep-fry, fry, puree, raw, saute, steam

Matches well with: bacon, bread crumbs, butter, butternut squash, caraway seeds, cheese, cream fennel, garlic, hollandaise sauce, lemon, mayonnaise, mustard, nutmeg, olive oil, onions, parley, potatoes, thyme, vinegar, walnuts

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