A goats’ milk cheese from Veneto, Italy. Pasteurized whole sheep’s milk undergoes a process of natural acidification, then possibly aromatic mountain herbs and salt are added. It comes in small molds, similar to sausage or truncated cone shape, with white pulp and the possible presence of herbs. The flavor is mild and slightly acidic, but pleasant.

The milk is filtered and pasteurized at a temperature of 72 degrees C. Follows a process of thermization to quickly bring the temperature of milk to 20 degrees C. It’s left to rest for 15 to 20 hours to encourage natural acidification of milk up to 18%. Rennet curd is added to promote coagulation, it is stirred sharply with a stick and it rests for 5 minutes. The curd is deposited on the bottom and is cut into 40 x 40 cm pieces. Then it is drained overnight. The next day it is worked into molds like sausages, and fresh herbs and aromatics such as cumin, thyme, chives, watercress and salt are added depending on the season.

Other names: Acidino, Formaggio Acidino, Acidini Fiori Di Capri

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