• Sweet, bubbly and full of flavor, the Candy Cane makes a holiday cocktail that's wonderful for your parties or an intimate evening with someone special.
  • Walnut Tart is a classic dessert, with a rich, crisp crust, and a crunchy, sweet filling. It is simply best when served ice cold, with fresh berries, or a warm Crème Anglaise.

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  • She lives in an old gold-mine era town in California, in the heart of wine country, as far from her native England as one could imagine, giving her a wonderful perspective.
  • Any of various dry fruits that generally consist of an edible kernel enclosed in a shell that can range from medium-hard, thin and brittle to woody and tough.
  • A lusciously tasty German traditional sidedish, Spaetzle Noodles are a favorite, served with pot roasts, stews, schnitzel or Sauerbraten.
  • This delicious Dutch drink is actually eaten with a spoon! Perfect for the holidays, or anytime. Advocaat is considered one of the world's "must try" beverages.
  • 'Tis this Season for giving gifts, including ones for your own good self. So check my reviews and shop for yourself, family and your favorite cooks.
  • December is a great month for buying books. Not only do they make perfect holiday gifts, but they're wonderful to enjoy during cold weather; along with a cup of tea.

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