• A tradition that grew out of New York's best eateries, Manhattan Clam Chowder could also be called a shellfish stew. Delish, always!
  • Zultry Zoe, is a very potent chocolate drink suitable for summer or winter. Cool, refreshing and with a good kick, this isn't your kid's chocolate milk.

  • You will have plenty of fun with White Chocolate Fondue. Simple and easy to make, dipping a wide variety of goodies results in a tasty treat.

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  • The Fires of Hell's Kitchen describes the work of one chef in the Hell's Kitchen series (13) currently airing on Fox. Discover how vanity destroys a promising chef.
  • The summertime squashes provide infinite variety to chefs and cooks, ranging from petite baby zucchini and pattypans to fully grown varieties.
  • A popular summer squash with an off-white flesh with a light, somewhat bland flavor. Zucchini can be steamed, grilled, sautéed, deep-fried, and baked.
  • Berry Liqueur is an incredibly flexible recipe may be applied to berries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries and assorted other soft fruits in the berry family.
  • In this month's Laurie's Kitchen, four wonderful products fill our September round-up of gadgets and kitchen goodies. You'll enjoy my selection.
  • In Laurie's Library August 2014 three vibrant cookbooks bring a world of food to your kitchen bookshelf. Not only are the recipes superb, but the books make fabulous reading.

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