• Trenette is a thin, flat pasta from Liguria is ideally suited to a variety of sauces. Wonderful with white clam sauce, as shown in the photo or Pesto.
  • In the Bufala Negra, Bourbon and fresh basil meet the tart and tangy flavors of balsamic syrup and ginger ale.
  • A sweet, rich and easily made dessert full of historic traditions and glorious flavor. Hot Apple Pandowdy is the kind of food that built a nation.

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  • Elizabethan housewives and farmers' wives had a passion for candying and preserving in their stillrooms. Make these preserves to use in the harsh wintry season.
  • 'Tis the season to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin for a variety of purposes, not the least of which is making a cute or horrific Jack 'O Lantern.
  • The word Agnolotti is Italian for "priests' caps," describing small, crescent-shaped stuffed pasta, often filled with seafood, meat or vegetable fillings.
  • A simple, delicious side dish, Gingered Squash is tasty, with a delightful flavor that pairs well with roasts, braised meats or casseroles.
  • New Jersey is about as far from tropical climes as I would care to go, so an evening at Shaka Burrito in New Brunswick came as a grand delight.
  • Almond Liqueur may be served neat (by itself) or on the rocks (with ice). It is often added to other beverages to create several popular mixed drinks.
  • For October, as the weather changes and palates prefer stews and comfort food, Laurie writes of gadgets and tools to make the month much easier.
  • As September marks changes in season, and the return of students to school, we all have more time for the cooking we want to do. Laurie brings us four great books to help us.

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