• Asian Barbecued Duck is a superb recipe with great flexibility. We use this to make exceptional duck sandwiches topped with Asian coleslaw.
  • A sangria concocted not in Spain, but at Baylor College in the United States. Rich, flavorful and easy to make for parties and large gatherings.

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  • We British love a summer trip to the seaside – almost everyone has fond memories of childhood days spent at one of the many popular resorts such as Blackpool…
  • Barbecue sauces should always be made from scratch, adding their own unique, special flavor to meats and seafood on the grill or in the smoker.
  • Barbecue sauce is used to baste barbecued meat; also used as an accompaniment to the meat after it's cooked.
  • The simple preparation of All-American Cole Slaw belies the complexities, nuances and subtle pleasures of this incredible side dish. perfect with Barbecued meats, and sandwiches.
  • New Jersey is about as far from tropical climes as I would care to go, so an evening at Shaka Burrito in New Brunswick came as a grand delight.
  • There's something alluring, feminine and luxurious about homemade Strawberry Liqueur. It makes a perfect accompaniment to desserts.
  • Laurie offers up some summertime kitchen fun that cooks will simply adore!
  • Laurie offers a few books to make your father or grandfather a very happy cook this Father’s Day.

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