• When it comes to steaks, the simplest preparation is always the best. Balsamic Steak is simple, but produces complex, wonderful flavors.
  • There's nothing like a Hot Papi to keep you warm at night. It's soothing, sexy and exciting. Just as a hot drink should be.
  • Torta di Cimabue is a delectable dessert, served as a cake, but light as a feather and with a heavenly flavor combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Simply wonderful.

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  • Many home cooks believe that making candy at home is far too complicated for their skill level. In fact, homemade candies can be simpler and easier than making scrambled eggs.
  • Chocolate is one of the most enjoyable foods and brings both comfort and pleasure with every tasting. Learn how to use it properly in your cooking.
  • Bittersweet Chocolate is the form of chocolate most often used in cake and cookie recipes.
  • For an absolutely wonderful side dish, try homemade Au Gratin Potatoes. Simply wonderful with roasts, baked fish or chicken.
  • Chocolate liqueur is a delicious treat that provides a sweet, confectionery taste. Useful in mixed drinks and in many desserts, it also makes a nice drink on the rocks or straight up.
  • My selections are, like February, brief and loveable. Laurie's Kitchen offers only three superb products, but each has its incredible merits.
  • After the holidays, it is time to think a bit healthier in our way of cooking. Laurie offers a few books to help with that task.

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