• This hot dog isn’t even close to the type you’ll find at the county fair or the ballpark. The Billion Dollar Dog is more akin to the food only millionaires can afford. Adapted from Chef An …
  • Starting on New York's Lower East Side, the Egg Cream was a favorite of New Yorkers and remains very popular.
  • Summer Fruit Creme Brûlée pairs the glories of a fine pudding with the freshness of summertime berries for a glorious dessert. Your guests will marvel at your culinary skills.

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  • This harvest season, as the weather cools and stores fill with the bounty of the season, Epicurus want to challenge our readers to an amazing test.
  • Smoked meats have a unique and incredible flavor all their own, making them delicate, delectable and delicious.
  • Torchon is the sister to the terrine. The only real difference is in the shape and cooking preparation. Both terrine and torchon are made from raw foie gras and little else.
  • Beets are very much underrated in America, but are most delicious. Combined with onions and a delicious vinaigrette, as in this recipe, they make a wonderful salad or side dish.
  • New Jersey is about as far from tropical climes as I would care to go, so an evening at Shaka Burrito in New Brunswick came as a grand delight.
  • This near exact replica of Bailey's Irish Cream will bring pleasure to the palate. It mixes well, may be served straight up, on the rocks or used in recipes. Anyway, it's delicious.
  • September is the last month of Summer, and the first of Autumn. It's harvest time, so enjoy the good weather and great cooking with these items from Laurie.
  • As September marks changes in season, and the return of students to school, we all have more time for the cooking we want to do. Laurie brings us four great books to help us.

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