• Capellini di Mare per Due, or Angel Hair Pasta with Seafood for Two is a bounteous gift from the sea. Perfect for summertime. Molto bene!
  • Fresh, bright and enlivening, the Strawberry Beerjito is a thoroughly enjoyable, delicious summertime drink that is simple to make and incredibly tasty.
  • Simply delicious. We truly love Fresh Peach Pie, a classic American dish made with good Southern peaches, and full of sweet, comforting flavor. The perfect dessert for Summer.

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  • Lobster is a delicious, tender and succulent shellfish, with exceptional flavor, and a wonderful texture.
  • Originally from Africa, this melon has a sweet, moist red flesh. Asians roast the seeds, and pickled watermelon rind is popular in some parts of the world.
  • Simple, delicious, easy to prepare, colorful and full of flavor, you cannot go wrong making Grilled Flank Steak with Summer Vegetables for your family any summertime weekend.
  • Cherries and mint are two flavors that only find themselves wonderfully paired in very special situations, such as this delicious liqueur.
  • Laurie selected some very interesting kitchen gadget for your summertime cooking. You'll make some great food with these items!
  • Laurie offers a few suggestions for Fathers Day! They make great gifts for the Dad in your family, or for newlywed cooks.

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