• Insalata di Mare is a seafood salad mixing vegetables, calamari, shrimp and a delicious, lemony dressing. Simple yet incredibly tasty, any time.
  • The exceptional Planter's Punch is one of the great reminders of the days of pirates, sugar plantations, rum traders and slavers who made the Caribbean their home.
  • Summer is a time for frozen desserts and among them, we love Peanuts and Porter Ice Cream Sandwiches. This recipe makes enough for a crowd, or enough to keep frozen.

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  • Edible flowers are used today more than ever before by chefs in salads, and as garnishes. Their flavors can enhance a variety of recipes.
  • Originally from Africa, this melon has a sweet, moist red flesh. Asians roast the seeds, and pickled watermelon rind is popular in some parts of the world.
  • Beets are very much underrated in America, but are most delicious. Combined with onions and a delicious vinaigrette, as in this recipe, they make a wonderful salad or side dish.
  • This simple version of peach liqueur is quite tasty and produces a delicious result every time.
  • Laurie's Kitchen for August brings us three sensational items to enhance your cooking experience. From fab frying pans to a perfect pasta pot, you'll love them all!
  • In Laurie's Library August 2014 three vibrant cookbooks bring a world of food to your kitchen bookshelf. Not only are the recipes superb, but the books make fabulous reading.

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