• Chicken Tortilla Casserole is a wonderful dish perfect for young couples to enjoy. Simple to make, easy to serve and delicious to eat.
  • Named for the beloved Scottish poet, the Bobby Burns is as glorious as one of his poems. The perfect blending of delectable flavors makes this a beloved favorite cocktail.
  • Breakfast on the railroad used to be one of America's finest meals, including Union Pacific Apple Pancakes, which were also served as a dessert.

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  • Americans gather in our homes each year to celebrate Thanksgiving, and to share in the bounty of our history, our culture and our success as a nation.
  • One can simply bake a dish by putting it into an oven, but the amount of time, heat and other factors determine the quality of the results desired. Learn baking techniques here.
  • A French term referring to meat juice that has been lightly thickened with a either arrowroot or cornstarch.
  • The Amish are some of America's best cooks, preparing natural foods of incredible flavor and quality from ingredients grown on the farm. Chow Chow is one of their best!
  • There's lots of things to see and do across the Highlands. They have a range of activities you can enjoy, one of the best being a dram or two of this outstanding liqueur.
  • As we draw nearer to the shopping season, Laurie offers some wonderful gifts for home cooks and aspiring chefs. Perfect for holiday cooking!
  • For October, Laurie reviews four books, from California bakeries to French soufflés, each offers unique recipes and insights.

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